Application Criteria


Applicant shall be a graduate of an approved, accredited High School or its equivalent


Copy of Social Security Card , from the USA Social Security Administration, with your signature


Copy of Photo Identification with your signature - unexpired state issued driver's license, state or federal issued identification card, or passport


If there are any discrepancies between valid identification and the documents submitted for review, include a copy of additional government issued identification or legal documentation to substantiate the discrepancies.


May be Required

Copy of diploma or certificate of completion from an accredited medical, nursing or medical assisting institute


Copy of transcripts from a medical, nursing or medical assisting program may be required

An original, official letter of recommendation from the physician for whom you are employed, on original facility letterhead, stating dates of employment, specific clinical and clerical duties performed and the physician's determination you are qualified to be a traditional medical assistant. This letter must include the physician's signature and medical license number, as this is an official letter. If you work for a major medical facility, an original, official letter from the Human Resource Department stating dates of employment and a copy of the official posted job description for your position are acceptable. Foreign Physicians or Nurses: If you do not have an official letter of recommendation as stated above, a copy of your official government issued Physician or Nursing work history is acceptable.


If you are in the USA military, a copy of your SMART/AARTS/CCAFS/ACE transcripts and a letter of recommendation from your Commander or Department Head are necessary. Also include a legible copy of your government issued photo ID and social security card. If you have access to your diploma or certificate of completion, please submit a copy.


We must receive copies of original and official translations of all documentation submitted for final review. If requested documentation is not included with your application, your application will be rejected. The application fee is non-refundable.

 If you are applying from an accredited affiliate school of ARMA, the appropriate representative of the school must sign Part II of the application

If you are applying and submitting a copy of your diploma/certificate and transcripts in medical assisting from an accredited, non-affiliate school, you must have a minimum of 1 year on the job experience as a traditional medical assistant, with an above stated letter of recommendation.

If you are on the job trained and have received extensive on the job training as a traditional medical assistant, you must have a minimum of 3 years on the job experience performing the clinical and clerical duties of a traditional medical assistant, with an above stated letter of recommendation.

Please Be Aware

You are submitting any documents to us at this time, please wait to receive an official application before submitting unrequested documents.


Anything you state below you can submit will be necessary for the final review of your application.


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact ARMA.

Notes from the office


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