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We thank all of our members and applicants for being patient during these trying times.

Pre Qualifications

To begin the application process to become a Registered Medical Assistant (R.M.A.) with ARMA, please click here to complete the Pre-Qualification form.

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If your membership with ARMA has lapsed for over a year, it is necessary to become reinstated. Click here for more information about the reinstatement process.

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Employer Verifications

Need to verify the registration status of an ARMA Member? Click here to request the verification!

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Application Process

If you wish to become a member of ARMA click here to learn more about the process to becoming registered.


If you have any further questions please clickick here to see a list of frequently asked questions.


ARMA provides CEUs (continuing education units); click here to learn more.


Renewals begins every October, to be prepared read about the renewal process here!

About Us


ARMA was incorporated on September 22, 1950 by the originators who were Registered Nurses and assistants in local medical offices, hence the title "Registered" applies to our members. We are registered with the Federal Government, Washington, DC, and have been designated a non-profit organization.

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Being a national registry, we are represented in every state, including corpsmen and medics in military service hospitals and clinics, and currently have a membership in the many thousands. We are not an employment agency, training center or a school operating for profit, but rather an organization whose purpose is to advance the status and professionalism of the Medical Assistant.

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Our members are represented in many areas within the medical allied health professions. We are now seeing the results of our efforts in that many medical facilities now require registration (certification) prior to hiring new employees. This is manifesting itself into upgrading the "Medical Assistant" as a true professional as well as upgrading her/his salary scale. The many schools and colleges with whom we are affiliated incorporate their students' registration with their graduation exercises.

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