Pre-Qualification Form

If you have been a member of ARMA in the past, please contact ARMA for further instructions or visit the reinstatement page for more information.

To receive an application you must submit the following Pre-Qualification form online. Please be aware processing takes up to 6 to 8 weeks for review. If you are not eligible to apply or clarification is required, you will be contacted via email. Please be sure to check both your Inbox and Junk Email for possible correspondence from ARMA.

Please do not send any documentation to ARMA unless you receive an application with a confirmation notice in the mail. All required documentation must be included in with your application, confirmation notice and non-refundable application fee.

Email us any questions concerning pre-qualifications.

Application Process:

  1. Complete the Pre-Qualification Form We suggest: Read each question carefully before you enter your information. Include: Your dates of employment (start-end/mo-yr) with the medical facilities you worked. The department/specialty in which you work or worked. Please be specific with the clinical hands-on core competency skills/procedures you perform on a daily basis. If you attended school for medical assisting, state as such. We suggest you have your diploma/certificate and transcripts. You will need letters of recommendation as stated on the pre-qualification form. We will review your form for eligibility to apply.
  2. Receive official application and confirmation notice from ARMA via USPS
  3. Mail back the application with required non-refundable application fee and documentation as listed on the confirmation notice for final review
  4. Receive your official acceptance package via USPS

To begin the above explained application process to become a Registered Medical Assistant with ARMA please complete the following Pre-Qualification form.

If a section does not pertain to you (IE: You are not currently, nor have ever been, in the US Military) leave the section blank and continue to the next.

All Applications Will Require:

  • Valid US Photo Identification
  • Valid Signed US Social Security Card
  • Letter(s) from each employer you list below may be required
  • Official Translation for each Non-English Document

Education High School


Juvenile misdeameanor charges or convctions processed through the juvenile court system are not required to be reported to ARMA. Traffic charges, without a related drug / alcohol charge, are not required to be reported to ARMA.

A conviction of; a plea of guilty to; or a plea of nolo contendere to an offense constitutes a conviction for ARMA purposes.

If you are eligible to apply, convictions, which have been formally cleared as evidenced by a letter or statement from an official source to that effect, must be submitted with your application. (Once becoming a member of ARMA, convictions previously reported to ARMA may be entered as NO for future forms).


If you are in (or have been recently discharged from) the USA military

Military personnel, please go to end of form and read additional application information

EDUCATION - Continuing/Other

Documentation to be submitted for review

*Required are legible copies of these two forms of valid identification are required. Both identifications must bear the applicant's signature (Social Security Card, from the USA Social Security Administration, with your signature AND Photo Identification with your signature - unexpired state issued driver's license, state or federal issued identification card, or passport).

Foreign Medical Professionals Only


These are the duties you PERFORM on a daily basis. DO NOT include knowledge of aspects of medical assisting. Doing so is a disservice to your place of employment; to the physicians, nurses and support staff with whom you work; to the patients you attend; to the medical community and, most of all, to yourself.

Your diploma, transcripts, letter of recommendation and/or official job description and/or work history submitted for final review must accurately correspond with what you have submitted for pre-qualification review. If your application and documentation submitted for final review does not correspond with the pre-qualification form you submitted for review, you will be rejected and you will forfeit your application fee.

All policies, procedures and criteria are subject to change and may occur without notice.

Thank you for completing this Pre-qualification form.

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