The Renewal Process

Membership Time Length:

ARMA membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The expiration date of your active status is on your ARMA wallet card. To ensure your registration does not lapse the renewal for the next year begins October 1st. 

CEU Information:

You are required to obtain 12 CEUs every year to be eligible for renewal. You will need the current year of CEUs to renew for the following year.

ARMA offers CEU packages every year, either online or in the Quarterly Registry Connections. CEUs fees are a separate fee from your renewal fee. The CEU fee is based on the type of submission whether online, Individual, etc.

If you take the ARMA Online CEU package you may print your TRACKER LIST with your current year required CEUs, as your CEU documentation.

If you take the ARMA Print CEU package you can make a copy of the certificates you have received and submit any remaining answer sheets you have for the current year as your CEU documentation. Answer sheets submitted with renewal will be graded and the certificates may be mailed back separately from your new Registration Card.

If you take courses outside of ARMA and would like to submit them for CEU consideration please read the following carefully:

            You must submit the Certificate of Completion(s) for each course or the Transcript for all the courses completed. The proof of course completion must be as issued from the educational entity and contain the following:

  • Name of Course
  • Date of Course completion
  • Name of whom completed the course
  • Educational worth/measure in CEU (continuing educational unit) or Contact Hours
    • These may be listed as “CME Credit” or “AMA Category 1 Credit” in some cases
    • “Hours” are not the same as a CEU or Contact Hour
      • “Credits” may be taken if/when granted from a College or University course
    • We do not give any course(s) a worth except for CPR which is granted 1 CEU in the absence of CEU or Contact Hour worth
    • If multiple accepted measures of education are given, the highest possible is granted, but no more than a single value is granted per course

Proof of outside CEUs, or Contact Hours, should be submitted along with a Renewal or Reinstatement form.

Filing for Renewal:

In October you will receive a Registry Connection which contains the next year's renewal form on the last page. This form will contain all necessary information for submission and offer the early purchase of the following year's CEU packages. Please ensure you are using a current form whenever you submit your Renewal/Reinstatement form along with your fees and documentation.

There are several Renewal fees listed as the longer you wait to file for renewal the price to renew increases. You may mail your renewal by the last day of February with no increase in fee. The fee increases to the second value if Post Marked between March 1st and April 30th. If Post Marked after April 30th the renewal fee becomes a standard Reinstatement fee, the third value on the form.

If you experience mailing issues and have not received your October Registry Connection by November you may contact and a renewal form will be emailed to you. Please be aware Renewals/Reinstatements should be paid with money order or credit card.

The following should be included with every Renewal:

  1. Completed and signed Renewal Request Form
  2. CEU Documentation
  3. Valid Credit Card information filled out on the form or Money Order for the total due made to "ARMA"

Resubmit fees and Penalties

Any failed credit card attempt will incur cumulative penalties per failed attempt.

Renewals received without a completed and signed form, CEU documentation or valid form of payment may be declined and returned to the sender. If we have to return your Renewal request you will incur a single resubmit fee of $35 that must be collected before any further Renewals or Reinstatements may be processed. This fee is not cumulative with multiple returned requests.

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